The one that started it all

One day I read something about a guy who was taking pictures of galaxies from his backyard with a telescope and an iPhone. I always wanted a telescope, so here we go. Celestron makes them, Amazon sells them, a few days later I am the proud owner of a Celestron C8. A few eyepieces, so I can zoom in and out and the adapter for my iPhone is not there yet, but it will come soon.

Here is the first adjustment I went through. Soon means something entirely different when it comes to taking pictures of galaxies that predictably show up where we think they do. Soon generally means some time this year, if there is more than half a year left, otherwise soon next year – soon.

Now that I think about it it is years later and the iPhone has undergone many a generational change and that adapter has still not shown up – I probably cancelled the order soon after I placed it.

How did I get the photo below? I eventually bought a Canon Rebel t6 and the adapter for that one was in-stock.

Here is the second adjustment. There is always a piece of equipment that is better suited for what you are trying to do. You want it. But it is just a tad too expensive, just a bit out of reach. If you ever read “Needful Things” by Stephen King – it’s like that, just that normally nobody gets killed by astrophotography. It is never-ending.

So why do it? When I saw the galaxy show up on the little screen, I was as giddy as a school boy. There was a galaxy out there and I had taken a picture of it. Never mind the fact that stars are supposed to be round, I took it.